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Short • 20 pages • Sci-Fi/Adventure

22 Miles From Trenton

October 30, 1938. Orson Welles infamous broadcast of the radio play, War of the Worlds, plays on the radio which causes a panic in real life for some people including 12 year-old Penny, who thinks her older sister is in trouble. Penny races into the night to save her sister from the oncoming alien invasion.

Semifinalist: 2015 Screencraft Short Script Contest

October 30, 1938


Penny and Veronica Connors couldn’t be more out of tune with each other. Veronica, the oldest by two years, is set to graduate from her local high school in Basking Ridge, New Jersey and find her place in the world alongside a husband. Penny wants nothing to do with boys and would much rather stay up all night reading stories from her favorite magazine, Astounding Science-Fiction. While Penny is a dreamer, Veronica is a pragmatist. This often causes strife between them.


After their parents leave the home for a night in New York City, Veronica makes plans to party with a few of her friends in the town of Grover’s Mill. The sisters have yet another argument about their differences of opinion, with Veronica leaving in a huff for her party.


Penny finds the stand-up radio in their living room and begins listening to a radio program, not knowing the infamous Orson Welles War of the Worlds radio broadcast has begun. Instantly, Penny believes Martians are invading Grover’s Mill and she has only one thought in her head: Save Veronica.


The short film blends fact and fiction, as many of the true-to-life tales from that fateful night in 1938, are encountered by Penny on her journey to save her sister.


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