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Adam Parker Mysteries

Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout

In the small town of Hilldale, kid detective Adam Parker was crime’s worst enemy. With the help of his best friend, Kevin, and the girl next door, Becky, no mystery was too great to tackle. 15 years later, Adam returns to his hometown, but this time playing detective is no longer his passion. Kevin needs his help and what starts out as a favor, quickly turns into a plot to destroy the town.


Adam Parker Book 2 cover3.png

Adam Parker and the High School Bully

​It’s been four months since Adam returned to Hilldale. With the help of his friends, Kevin and Becky, the Parker Detective Agency has solved their fair share of cases in that time. But now, their partnership will be tested as a new threat has emerged. In the neighboring town of Brookville, Adam’s old high school friend is found murdered and a message left behind: Adam Parker is next.

A mysterious man from Hilldale’s past threatens to not only kill Adam, but also reveal his true nature to his friends. Kevin is then kidnapped. Adam is forced on a scavenger hunt around town, reliving his past indiscretions and admitting to his friends the truths from his own past that were long forgotten, but once revealed, they threaten to forever destroy Adam’s friendship with Becky and Kevin.


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