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A private eye and a teenage psychic are the only ones who can stop the Nazis from destroying New York City. It's The Stranger meets The Rocketeer.

Quarterfinalist: 2015 Academy Nicholl Fellowship

​Feature • 121 pages • Action/Adventure

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Spawning from the real life story of Erik Jan Hanussen, Adolf Hitler’s personal mentalist and advisor, Kiddo picks up years after his mysterious death. Hanussen held many secrets even while he made his way into the Fuhrer’s inner circle and now those secrets are surfacing in New York City.


Even with Europe mired in World War II the United States isn’t entirely gripped by the fear of the Nazi scourge. New York has it’s own problems. Still picking up the pieces of Prohibition while the United States teeters on the brink of all-out war New York 1941 is a Wild West full of cops and robbers. There’s excitement around every street corner.


New York is a city of tough men filled with all sorts of secrets, even supernatural ones. Before she was the City That Never Sleeps her citizens were constantly awoken by spectacular gun fights. But in those few precious moments of shut eye a new evil has snuck in under the cover of darkness.


Hitting the ground running Kiddo finds Private Investigator Mack Roberts and his 16-year old “good luck charm” Chloe Hanover in an intense rooftop chase that leads to a blazing shootout with the forces of Murder Incorporated, the Mafia’s enforcement division. Mack and Chloe barely escape with their lives.


It’s the Good guys versus the Bad guys, with the Good guys scoring a slight victory. And Chloe’s “intuition” might have something to do with the pair’s recent hot streak. Though, she might be young, Chloe is nobody’s sidekick. She’s Mack’s second chance in life. Independent and growing stronger each day; her powers are growing too. But what exactly are these powers? How can she create windstorms or see events she could not have been around for? And how is this all related to Hitler? Things are about to get out of control as Chloe begins to question her powers and attract the wrong kind of attention. She’s ready to face the past she didn’t know she had.


Thankfully, Chloe has Mack by her side. Rugged and charming, he’s not in this business for the fame or glory. He is a man’s man who smells of bourbon and cigarettes. Above all he is a caring surrogate father to Chloe. Quick with a gun but quicker with a plan, Mack does whatever he can to protect Chloe. Even if that means dying for her.


After the deadly opening chase Chloe is left questioning her abilities. She’s always helped Mack out before but right now her confidence is wavering. Despite this Mack takes on a seemingly routine missing persons case that should be a walk in the park thanks to Chloe's powers. But nothing ever comes easy and the missing persons case turns into a double-homicide that brings Mack face-to-face with the European evil that has infiltrated the city and brings Chloe closer to discovering her past.


Nazi secret forces have arrived with a plot to blow a hole through New York and cripple the U.S. before it can even enter the war. Chloe’s cryptic premonitions about a “city in ruins” is enough to send the pair into action. The confusion drives Chloe deeper into the web of the mysterious German spies William Finster and Ursula Kluge. Chloe’s powers are on the fritz and she can’t seem to figure out why. Does it have anything to do with this deadly pair? The Nazis seemingly have a secret weapon of their own. A blazing gunfight separates Chloe from Mack. And she finds herself prisoner of the SS forces. Secrets about Chloe’s powers begin to reveal themselves. The two must find a way back together if they are to stop the evil doers’ deadly plans.  


The intensity increases as Chloe regains her confidence and new loyalties align themselves. She resolves to take the Nazi soldiers down by herself. Some surprising new allies arrive to help even the odds. In a battle for the soul of New York high above the city streets, it’s a race to the finish.

The stakes might be high but nothing is ever too grave for Mack who faces each rip-roaring adventure with a smile, a drag of his cigarette, and the snap-click of his revolver. Oh, and Chloe right by his side.


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