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Video Reel

Podcast Producer

Forgotten Cinema Neon Album Art

Forgotten Cinema Podcast

Co-host, editor, researcher and social media campaign designer and creator of weekly podcast since 2019

Entertainment/Movie Review Podcast

Yet Another MCU Podcast Album Art

Yet Another MCU Podcast

Co-host, editor and researcher for limited series run that focused on the MCU's Infinity Saga over the last 10 years.

Entertainment/Movie Review Podcast

Content Creation

JK Closing Attorneys

Florida Law Firm

Designed and scheduled content for Instagram and Facebook. Built several slideshow videos for law firm's realtor clients. Developed video content campaign for lecture series.

jk closing attorneys logo
Forgotten Entertainment Logo

Forgotten Entertainment

Digital Media Company

Wrote, directed, produced and edited internet series. Used elements of graphic design and editing techniques for video builds.

Freelance Writing

A Night Out

Milford Living Magazine, Winter 2019 Issue

This is a local magazine looking to highlight a night on the town with a loved one for the Valentine's Day season. I mapped out possible options for a couple to experience the city of Milford and all it has to offer.


Milford Magazine Winter 2019 Cover

NextGen: Digital Bootcamp

Blog Article

NextGen Bootcamp Logo

Noble Desktop has a summer camp for coders and all kids looking to get a leg up in the tech world. I wrote an article promoting the camp, highlighting the opportunities such as building your very own app.

The Casting Process

Blog Article

The IndieFilmNYC blog and podcast merged filmmaking and and business advice to help aid up and coming filmmakers. I wrote several blog articles for the site, but this one focused on casting your short film. is no longer operational.

Indie Film NYC podcast logo

TimeLine of Green Screen Painting

This article was written on my personal blog, many blogs ago. I chronicled the process of painting my own green screen for Season 2 of Scenes from the Movies web series. This goes with a collection of articles highlighing DIY filmmaking.

Green Screen being painted on wall

Blog Article

Website Design

WWB Logo

Willinger, Willinger & Bucci, P.C.

Connecticut Law Firm

Edited content and created content for firm website. Designed and implemented SEO strategy. Developed video and photograph content for website and advertising campaigns.

Forgotten Entertainment Logo

Forgotten Entertainment

Digital Media Company

Designed website. Create content for blog and website pages. Design and implement SEO strategy. Create video and audio content. Build graphic design elements for website.

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