2 years ago we shot a short film called The Trans-Candidate. And it was cold. I seem to have a habit of picking most of my shoot dates in the colder months. We shot in Connecticut, as usual, in the cities of Milford, Wet Haven and Bridgeport. It was a 2 day shoot, but really 1 1/2 days.

I wrote it a while back after the Anthony Weiner (first) sexting scandal happened in 2011. It was originally a play, but I adapted it for a short film by changing the locations of some of the scenes. Originally, the action all took place in a campaign office, but that changed to include an exterior outside of a municipal building and a bar location for the ending.

I wanted to write characters that were not nice. Often times, I fall into the trap of writing with the same voice for different people. If everyone had the same morals, same ethics, same demeanor - what you get is a boring story. So I wanted to have two characters full of self-interest working in a field where being ruthless is an asset. Enter The Trans-Candidate.

James Coker and Lorraine Cink are solid as Roger and Brenda as they try to overcome a scandal that has rocked their candidate's state senatorial campaign. This was a fun shoot. The crew was strong. The cast was great. I had to scold myself several times for laughing and ruining shots. Such an amateur.


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