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Indie Film Support - Quality Problems

There's a double edged sword to being ambitious within the indie film world (any industry for that matter). We develop a mindset of "Get my shit done" and you really need to in order to in fact, get your shit done. No one cares about your story unless you tell them how much you care about it. So we constantly talk about ourselves and our work, even if its our least favorite topic. (That's my tragic flaw)

The other side of that ambition is that you rarely succeed in championing the community side of indie filmmaking. Even though we're the driving force to get our shit done, we cannot do it alone. We need each other. We need to support each other. We need to prop up one another. We need to help each other. Community is a major part of indie film.

I met Jen Prince at a now defunct film festival in Nashville too many years ago to remember because I'd like to forget how old I am. She is a fantastic producer who gets shit done and her new movie is ready for its close-up. Check out the trailer for the movie "Quality Problems" below. Hit up the Seed and Spark page. See why everyone involved with the production is working so hard to get their story seen.

Donate. Share. Tell your friends. Whatever it is you want to do, do it. Help get their shit done and one day when you've got your story to tell, someone will do the same for you.

Kick ass, Jen!

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