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Meet Clancy Denton

Teenage boy standing in front of a con maze
Clancy Denton

Clancy Denton has lived in Brookville for the entirety of his 17 years. He's always been a boy less interested in sports, and more into anything else, actually. It would be a mistake to refer to Clancy as a book nerd or a math geek. Yes, he liked to read. And he also enjoyed the occasional algebraic equation. He just never really connected with being an active child.

That fact always made his friendship with Peter Ellis that much more interesting. Peter was into sports. Peter spent his year going from football to basketball to baseball. That didn't change when the two friends entered Brookville High School. Peter continued on his sports path, while Clancy found solace in other facets of the high school life. New friends entered their lives, but Clancy and Peter remained.

Peter was never short on self-confidence. Clancy, however, found himself frequently questioning every choice he made. Clancy was adept at hiding his anxiety, a necessary skill to keep your peers from making fun of you. Despite the progressive attitudes prevalent amongst the younger generation, adolescents were still going to make fun of each other. They just invent newer ways to do it.

17 year-old kid wearing a Brookville Letterman jacket
Peter Ellis

Clancy's friendship with Peter alleviated some of those concerns, despite the new friends that entered their lives. Peter's other friends, mostly teammates on the football team, would often tease Clancy, but never too far. Peter wouldn't hear of it. And that's how Clancy's high school experience carried on until a seismic shift in his friendship with Peter happened in the form of Chrissy Morgan, Peter's new girlfriend.

Clancy has had a crush on Chrissy ever since the 4th grade. He didn't have the courage to tell her, so he would think about her from afar throughout their years in elementary and middle school. Once high school came around, Clancy was still not ready to tell Chrissy how he felt and it didn't make sense to reveal those emotions. She was popular. He was not. He knew it would never work out, so he remained silent. While it made sense for Peter, another popular kid, to start dating Chrissy, it still hurt Clancy.

He suffered in silence, but something unexpected happened. Chrissy and Clancy became friends. They would share funny stories and inside jokes, often at the expense of Peter. Their duo became a trio and while they remained friends, Clancy still held a small torch for Chrissy. This is just some of the background that led to the events of the story in The Corn Maze.

The Corn Maze front cover

If you want to know how Clancy, Peter and Chrissy fair, check out the The Corn Maze on paperback and eBook available at Amazon.


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