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My Happenings

So many things. So little time. Just wanted to give a little rundown for what I've been up to and where you can listen or see me. (Mainly, listen).

Here we go!

Forgotten Cinema Podcast - Ever since we started this endeavor this past May, we've been able to keep up with the schedule of churning out an episode every Wednesday. If you haven't already, take a listen to Michael Butler and me talk about a variety of movies. The last few weeks, we've discussed Sing Street, Strange Days and The Family Man. Check out our videos as well. We've been doing commercials each week and those can be found on our Facebook page.

The Nomcast - I've finally joined the five-timers club as I was a guest for the fifth time this week on my friend's Andrew Morgan's podcast. We dissect The Two Popes and all my years of Catholic training came flooding back to me. Check out the episode and check the entire podcast!

Super Retro Throwback Reviews Podcast - The Forgotten Cinema team was invited to share our top ten list of movies of the last decade and that's exactly what we did, as we guested on the Super Retro Throwback Reviews podcast. We had a good time and then, of course, I had to go see the movie, 1917, and realize my list was now wrong. Check out the episode.

As you can see, I seem to be entrenched in the podcast world at this moment. From editing to creating promotional campaigns, it keeps me busy. With life, the day job and podcasting, there's been little room for writing. But it's working its way back into the fold. The most important thing is that I'm developing a new skill set with the podcasts. On-air talent, hosting, editing, writing copy and promos - it's all going to lead to something. Right?

Thanks for reading. Thanks for being mildly interested in everything me. If you have even gotten this far. I do have other projects in various stages of development, but no use talking about them if they don't find the finish line.

Take care!


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