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In the Spring of 1944, A Nazi sleeper cell takes over the Super Chief Railroad, hijacking a shipment of uranium to give Germany the atomic bomb. A disgraced Army Lieutenant and MGM’s new star, Frank Sinatra are America’s only hope.

​Feature • 101 pages • Action/Adventure

Super Chief

Second Rounder: 2019 Austin International Film Festival

Top 18%: 2019 Finish Line Script Competition

The Super Chief – Railway to the Stars! – races from Chicago to Los Angeles carrying civilians looking for adventure across the country, celebrities on their way home to Hollywood and the U.S. Government’s secret to the success of World War II.


Inside two gold-plated containers are U-235 flakes being delivered to the army base in Los Alamos. Once in the hands of Oppenheimer and the members of the Manhattan Project, the U.S. will be one step closer to the ultimate weapon – The Atomic Bomb.


In the Spring of 1944, Army Lieutenant Thomas Kelly is tasked with transporting the radioactive material. Kelly was recently overseas in Operation Husky where he personally took the blame for the loss of his unit during a sniper attack on the streets of Sicily. Returning home, Kelly seeks redemption and fosters a sense of isolation worried about being the cause of another’s well-being.


This trans-continental trip also includes The Voice - Frank Sinatra. Sinatra has recently signed with MGM and uproots his family from their home in New Jersey to start a new life in Los Angeles. Sinatra also seeks validation for his patriotism as he’s failed several times to join the war effort – A damaged ear drum keeps him from serving. The press, seeking readers, cite cowardice when referring to Sinatra’s lack of service, something that troubles the Chairman of the Board.


Of course, then there’s the Nazis on board.


A Nazi plot emerges to hijack the shipment and return it to the Fatherland where Germany seeks to beat the United States at their own game. The country that has the bomb rules the world The Super Chief is swarming with Nazi Agents with one mission. Get the briefcase of uranium. Only two people stand in the way of a successful Nazi mission:


A disgraced Lieutenant and a national treasure.


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