“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” - Bill Gates


Working in an industry where the specific purpose is to cater to customers and their taste in the arts requires a high level of patience and tolerance, as well as the small sense of humor to let you get through the shifts when a projector fails or the fire alarm is pulled.


Scenes from Movies follows several brief interactions between customers and employees, all taken from actual conversations. We also delve into the behind the scene conversations that can occur in any workplace, not just a movie theater. So sit back. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.


Scenes from the Movies

​Web Series • 37 episodes • Comedy

The Puzzle Maker's Son

Web Series • 10 episodes • Drama/Mystery

Seek. Solve. Survive.

The Puzzle Maker’s Son tells the story of David Harding and his search for the truth behind his father’s death. After receiving a package in the mail sent by his father days before his demise, David finds himself on a journey for the truth. A truth that may lead to a dark family secret.



The gang takes part in an "Escape the Room" game where they meet new faces and learn some shocking revelations.

This short takes place prior to the events from the Life Ends @ 30 feature script. The events in this prequel affect the character arcs that occur in the feature.

Life Ends @ 30: The Prequel

Short Film • 5 mins • Comedy

Starring Rob King, Lorraine Cink, Evan Kaufman, Anne Marie Yoo

Nominee for Outstanding Writing in New Media: 2017 Writer's Guild of America Awards

The Trans-Candidate

Short Film • 9 mins • Comedy

Starring Lorraine Cink, James Coker

Two campaign workers must deal with a scandal that has rocked their candidate’s election run for state senate. Roger is the brains. Brenda is the heart. Together, they're a disaster.

Rated Mature for bad language

Official Selection: 2015 ITV Festival