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Why the change?

Why change the website up? What I had before wasn't really a web site. It was a blog disguised as a web site. It served me well. I guess. I never really got feedback either way on it. But it was a useful tool in getting some of my content out there. But I wanted more. I wanted a site. I also didn't want to pay someone to monitor posts and updates, when it's really easy for me to do it. I tried several times, unsuccessfully, to get a site up through Wordpress. Unfortunately, I'm really dumb. And that site is not the most user-friendliest of places. I'm sure it works well for many others, but when I started building this site on, I knew this was what I wanted with Wordpress.

Very easy. Very smooth transition from blog to site. I'm sure it helped that I already had content ready to go, so it wasn't like I was building this web site from scratch. That helped. Immensely.

You'll also notice the lack of this:

For those of you who don't know, that's the logo for my first production company, Up on the Roof productions, which became Up on the Roof LLC. The LLC is still around. But I'm trying to shift focus for my content and brand it with my name more than Up on the Roof. (Side Note: Up on the Roof productions was 5 of us and one day, if I can dig it up, I'll get that photo we took actually on my parent's roof. You know, because we were clever like that.)

My best friend, Adrian, and myself were talking about life as a creative and he made a great point about always re-evaluating your progress. Always adapting. Always looking to hone your focus. This web site definitely part of that way of thinking.

So here's the site. It's going to be a work in progress. I need to get those script posters made up. I also need to add a few more items. But for now, I think it's a nice move in the right direction.

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