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Self-Publishing Thoughts

Let me start out with admitting that I'm no expert when it comes to self-publishing. Yes, I did it with Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout (Available now online. Order your copy today), but I didn't really dive into the self-publishing world when I published AP1.

Adam Parker: Book 1 Cover

I had to learn how to format for different outlets. CreateSpace (Amazon), Nook Press (Barnes and Noble) and Smashwords all have different formatting rules that you have to follow in order to make sure your e-pub isn't a mess on someone's device. I paid someone to design by book jacket, of course, having to learn the dimensions I really needed. All sorts of other good things, I learned.

Now with the 2nd book completed (minus a professional edit and perhaps some adjustments aided by feedback from some readers), I'm starting to look into finding a publisher who might be interested in including the Adam Parker series into their library. I've mainly kept to the small presses, but I keep seeing a trend of 'preferences' where the publisher tells authors that they must expect to vigorously promote their book, because resources cannot be given to promotion. But of course, authors are given a strong voice when it comes to book design, edit, etc.

That's great, but that's self-publishing. I'm trying to find a press who will take the book and reach people who I cannot reach, but if I'm being told that's not an option, well then I'll self-publish and just do all of that promotion without having to split the royalties with a press (i.e. the middle-man)

Maybe I'm thinking of this the wrong way. And please, I hope so. I'd love to have a publisher on board with Adam Parker and help grow the brand. I don't want to self-publish because I'm not very good at self-promotion. But I will if it means the alternative is splitting profits while doing the same amount of work.

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