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AP and the RS

That's my little nickname of Adam Parker Book #1. It's easier to write out on file names on the laptop. As I approach the becoming-clearer-conclusion that I'll probably self-publish the follow up to Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout, I need to get Book 1 into more people's hands. Something I should've been doing when I first self-published the book, but after I finished that process of writing the first book, I dove right into a feature screenplay and I sort of half-assed it on the book promotions.

Not anymore. The price for the e-book has dropped to $0.99, because I don't want the money. I want the reviews. I want the stats. I need to build a "fan club" for Adam Parker, so when the second book comes out - Adam Parker and the High School Bully - it will be able to hit the ground running.

Hence the book trailer for Book #1 below.

It's a quick read. It's cheap. And I'm looking for reviews, either on Amazon or Goodreads. Share with friends! Share with enemies! Share with acquaintances!

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