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Grady Olsen: Brookville's Historian

Grady Olsen - older man, wearing green sweater standing on a street sidewalk with a town's main street behind him

Grady Olsen came to Brookville many years ago, opening up a small shop downtown called All Things Weird. The shop sold a variety of items — mystical knock-offs, books about the supernatural, and during All Hallow's Eve, capes and masks for costumes. Like many of the downtown stores in Brookville, most of Grady's business came from tourists. Only making money isn't Grady's real purpose for being in Brookville.

In the story, The Corn Maze, Peter Ellis and Clancy Denton seek out Grady and the knowledge that exists within the walls of his shop. Grady is the unofficial town historian, especially when it comes to the mysterious, mystical and supernatural happenings throughout the town's past.

We learn more about Grady in the book, The Jar of Pandora, like how he finds his way to Brookville, his real purpose and a few people from his past. As of right now, Grady hasn't appeared in any other stories set in the town of Brookville. But that doesn't mean he won't in the future or the past.

Check out The Corn Maze or The Jar of Pandora (re-issue coming next year).


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