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New Look. Same Adam Parker.

The first book in the Adam Parker Mysteries series, Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout, is getting a fresh, new look. I also made a few formatting changes to the inside of the book as well, which added a bit more thickness to the book. I really like the way this cover came out. Thanks to Pat Whalen for the initial design, all I did was make sure everything was on the cover in the right spot.

For those unaware of the Adam Parker Mystery Series, here's a synopsis of the first book:

In the small town of Hilldale, kid detective Adam Parker was crime’s worst enemy. With the help of his best friend, Kevin, and the girl next door, Becky, no mystery was too great to tackle. 15 years later, Adam returns to his hometown, but this time playing detective is no longer his passion. Kevin needs his help and what starts out as a favor, quickly turns into a plot to destroy the town.

Get your brand new copy now!

Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout Yellow book cover


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