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Re-Cover Alert: The Jar of Pandora

New Month. New cover for an old book.

My YA action-adventure book, All Things Weird: The Jar of Pandora, is getting a fresh new look. All of these re-covers are to bring a new look (a rebrand, if you will) to these stories. I'm doing it for all of them.

When I wrote ATW: The Jar of Pandora, I didn't intend to place it in the YA genre. It just, sort of, happened. It contains pieces of an older screenplay that I thought I'd somehow direct. As with many of these stories, it takes place in Brookville during present times.

All Things Weird: The Jar of Pandora - an old creek clay jar with a crack in it

Duncan Carver moves to Brookville in search of adventure. It’s not long before he’s face to face with a mythological titan who seeks the true Pandora’s Box. Only it’s really a jar and it was never opened, oh, and it’s hidden in Brookville. With the help of skeptic and journalist, Amanda Copeland, Duncan is on a mission to save Brookville. But at what cost?

Without spoiling anything, there's potential for the character of this book to return for new adventure, so get in on the ground floor as we learn more about the strange things that go bump in the night in the town of Brookville. Available at Amazon!


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