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The Brookville Arms

New month. New book! I give you The Brookville Arms, yet another story that takes place in the "Welcome to Brookville" series. And the perfect story for winter. This makes the fourth story that takes place in the town where strange things seems to happen. (Adam Parker and the High School Bully does find Adam investigating his case in the town for a chapter or two as well)


The Brookville Arms front cover

The residents of The Brookville Arms are on lockdown as a winter storm rages through the town. A delivery truck is on a secret delivery mission; its contents a creature thought to never have existed. As the storm worsens, the truck hits a patch of ice and careens out of control straight for the Arms where this beast will be unleashed and change the lives of everyone inside forever.


Welcome to Brookville.

Available in paperback and on Kindle!


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