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The Tug of Storytelling

Am I doing what I should be doing? I'm meant to tell stories. I find great satisfaction being part of the storytelling process. I just have never been lucky enough to make a living out of it. The more I do that brings me further away from that passion, the more I feel alone.

Storytelling is in everything I do, even at my job. When I watch movies, read stories, experience plays, I feel this pull. A tug at that tiny, little passionate storyteller that I've placed on a tiny stool, in this tiny room. And I told that dude. "Stay here for a bit. I need to go do these other, more responsible things that bring money into the house."

I don't regret that. At all. I've found a way to fill my creative bucket along the way. Maybe that's what important. Finding those pockets of creativity in our everyday life.

I love writing. I love creating a story and shaping it. The way a character on the page will surprise you with their decisions. (Yes, you're writing it, but often those characters are directing your keystrokes). I love everything about filmmaking. The collaboration, the excitement of where a scene just clicks while shooting. Setting up shots with your cinematographer. Working on character with your actors and actresses.

Maybe it's just my creative bucket is running low.

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