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Welcome to Brookville

Four books - Paradoxed, The Corn Maze, The Brookville Arms, All Things Weird: the Jar of Pandora

After my recent release of The Brookville Arms, the first grouping of the Welcome to Brookville series is complete. In 2020, I wrote three other stories — Paradoxed, The Corn Maze and All Things Weird: The Jar of Pandora — along with The Brookville Arms with the intention of putting out a Welcome to Brookville anthology book.

But after reading most literary agents displeasure with being pitched an anthology book (Silly me), I opted to break up the stories into easily digestible novelas or novellettes. Here's a breakdown of every story as they appear in my most recent press release. If you're interested, please feel free to grab a paperback or digital copy today!

Halloween in Brookville takes a terrifying turn when Clancy Denton and his friends find themselves trapped in a corn maze not just with dead ends, but with a malevolent entity with a 400-year-old grudge. Will they escape the clutches of this ancient evil, or become its latest victims?

A snowstorm isolates the residents of The Brookville Arms, unaware that a delivery truck careens towards them, its cargo containing a creature whispered only in legends. As the storm rages and tensions rise, the beast is unleashed, threatening to devour their peaceful existence.

Dusty and Phil throw a unique birthday bash for their friend Mason, whisking him back to their teenage haven: a now-defunct arcade. When they stumble upon a portal to the past, the lines between nostalgia and danger blur. Can they navigate the temporal paradoxes they've unleashed, or will they be forever lost in a bygone era?

Duncan Carver, an adventure seeker, arrives in Brookville, only to encounter a mythical threat – a powerful Titan searching for a hidden Pandora's Jar, believed to hold unimaginable power. Teaming up with skeptical journalist Amanda Copeland, Duncan races against time to protect the town from this ancient force. But can they keep both themselves and the jar safe, or will Pandora's secrets spill chaos upon Brookville?


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