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Katie Kennedy

Katie never wanted to be a superhero.


It's the Spring of 1985 and Katie is making it up as she goes. Following the death of her parents, Katie left college to take care of her younger sister. She took a job at Brookville's premier employer, Epsen Pharmaceuticals, where she endures office life filled with men in positions of power and unchecked behavior.


The daily harassment at work, the stress of struggling to make ends meet, and battling with her adolescent sister defeats Katie on a daily basis. But Katie's life changes the night she sees a light in the sky...


The meteor crashes into the woods outside Brookville, carrying with it an unknown passenger, an alien life form, a symbiote. When Katie approaches it, the symbiote and her merge together, granting Katie superpowers. Separate they are ordinary, but together they are something magnificent!


Unfortunately for Katie, dark forces exist in and around Brookville and they want these powers for their own evil purposes, putting her, her friends, and her sister in danger.


Katie Kennedy never wanted to be a superhero. Now she has no choice. Just don't call her Supergirl.


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