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90s Movie Making

When you start rummaging through boxes in the basement, you know you’re going to find memories. You’re just not sure what kind of memories. Mostly good ones, I suppose.

The photo you see (recently instagrammed by yours truly) is a stack of HI-8 tapes with various, as they call it today, forms of content that I was part of back in the 90s. Remember the 90s. It seems so long ago and when I look at the calendar, it feels even longer.

I have different memories from all those Hi-8 tapes and they’re all enjoyable. Just a bunch of naïve 20-somethings thinking they were the next coming of Kevin Smith or Richard Linklater. And if you’ve seen any of the content on those tapes, you’d soon realize that they were not.

No. You can’t watch it.

Who could forget “Grievances Foregone”, the most pretentious title ever put to a Hi-8 tape since the sequel “Retribution” was concocted and subsequently attempted. I’m a little hazy if we even finished “Retribution” or if that was the sequel or first movie. I don’t have the emotional strength to watch it and find out.

No. You can’t watch it.

The rest of the titles are skit shows we used to do. Just quick comedic bits that, as I think back are probably mildly offensive on many levels. Oh, to be young.

You can’t ever go back and sometimes your old content reminds you just how far (hopefully) you have come. For a while, amongst our friends, we were known for the Santa skit. Thankfully, that subsided. I hope.

No. You can’t watch it.

We had fun. We learned some things. No matter the size or the professional level of the production, if you’re genuine in your intent you’ll always grow as an artist because of it.

I should also note that “Kissery” was written and directed by my friend, Keith Lynn. We all loved Misery and we knew someone that loved the bad Kiss. Put your hands together and you got that fourth tape down from the top.

No. You can’t watch it. (You saw that ending coming, didn’t you?)

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