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Analysis of a Word Cloud

Recently, as of January, I enrolled into a local university to obtain a Masters Degree in Communication. More specifically, the program is known as Interactive Media and my concentration is in Multimedia Production. So far, it's been enjoyable. I'm the geek that enjoys learning. There was a stretch from high school into my first few years of college where I leaned towards the lazy side of things, rather than working hard on my studies. But I was able to turn that trend around and here we are today...18 years later. Getting a degree.

Both of my classes, surprisingly, are dealing with big data and infographics in our current lesson. And might I say, I'm completely digging the idea of big data. I love the statistical breakdown of life. Again, big geek who likes to learn. So why the word cloud? Why not?

If you go to, and enter in your own blog or any other website with an RSS or Atom feed, you can find out your world cloud. Now, the blog for this website has not been utilized as much, but thankfully I still have most of my content up a the old Up on the Roof LLC blog, so I used that as my sample.

Couple things that jump out for me is the "good story book" area. Clearly I wrote a lot about the Adam Parker book. But I always talk about story, don't I? And there it is. I know we're all shocked that "movie" is huge. I never talk about movies. Some of the words just signify my incessant use of them like "well" or "really". My only surprise is how big "people" is in this cloud. I'm not a fan of people too much. I'm not a misanthrope, more like a low tolerance for the disingenuous.

Well, really...the proof is in the word cloud.

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