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Born Storytellers

We were born with the innate ability to weave a tale. Some are good. Some are great. Some are awful. But storytelling is in our DNA strand. I watch my children play and between my oldest daughter carrying on plot lines with her Barbies or my youngest devising death-defying adventures for Thomas and Friends, it's all about the story.

When we grow up, that fades for some of us. It's too bad. I couldn't imagine not having the desire to spin a tale. For many of us, the storytelling desire manifests itself in other forms. That relative who can tell a great joke. The friend who's always got the gossip and knows when to drop the juiciest bit. The same old man at the edge of the bar remembering a different time.

I think we need that. All of us. We need a way to share our thoughts and emotions. Storytelling is one of the more effective ways.

How do you tell a story? What's your outlet? (Facebook rants don't count)

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