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Thank You!

In honor of Thanksgiving...

If you watch ESPN long enough, you usually get to a story about how a professional athlete grew up. They talk about all the sacrifices their parents make. The early hours for practice. The long drives for games. Money spent. Time spent. Energy spent. And those athletes never forget it. It's great. It goes to show you that one person cannot achieve their dream along and without help.

The same holds true for writers, actors, directors, etc. The same holds true for me. My wife sacrifices quite a bit: My grumpiness, my time spent writing, money spent on submissions, grumpiness. (That's twice for a reason)

If you're going for a dream, someone is making a sacrifice for you to do that. I don't thank my wife enough for putting up with me. (This blog post doesn't count, right?)

Thanks honey! (She doesn't read my blog. Sigh.)

Hi Dex!

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