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It Takes More Than The Script

The Life Ends @ 30 team had a bit of good news this week. The short we made, Escape the Room, was nominated for a Writer's Guild Award for Outstanding Achievement in New Media Short Form - Original. Pretty cool stuff. It takes everyone involved with the production to make that happen. Any award or nomination is a credit to the talent involved both on-screen and behind it.

Yes, I may write the words. But actors must do their thing and make those words come to life. Directors lead the focus. Cinematographers need to create that visual atmosphere. All the crew help make the director's vision happen on screen. Even the P.A. who needs to make a coffee. (An unsung part of any production) And the producers are the ones who put it all together - Putting the right people in the right room at the right time.

While the written word is being honored with this award, it wouldn't have happened without everyone involved in the production.

Thank you all.

Now, check out the short!

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