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Make Mistakes

For my final project in my graduate class of Advanced Multimedia Tech, I had to do a video with had an advanced 3D element. This class is designed to incorporate the use of effects from After Effects in helping to propel your story along. Around this same time, my two daughters have been begging me to do a video with them. So I killed two birds with one stone and we did a music video.

It was fun. Editing was not as much fun, but it was not a terrible experience. The girls sang so fast, I had to speed up the background music to catch up. My oldest, Veronica, is hesitant on camera and I completely know the feeling. She wants to do it, but she's too busy thinking about how it will look, what people will say, if she'll get the words right. She's definitely my daughter.

My advice to her was simple. You have to be okay with getting it wrong. Nobody is perfect. Nothing in this world is perfect, so don't try to be perfect. Be terrible. Be bad. Make mistakes.

It's the best way to learn.

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