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I don't know if I believe in fate, but I know I don't believe in coincidences.

I started my next semester for my graduate degree in Interactive Media and one of my classes is about Community Management. I'm also having multiple conversations about living and working on-line, working in a community-based ideal with certain projects and yes, I'm being vague for a good reason about thee conversations. My other class is more a production class, but the project I just worked on and will soon become my capstone project is a base in building a community.


People. It's always about people. People you meet, people you talk to, people you have late-night discussion about. People make this storytelling thing go round. If you focus on people, you will find that your goals are more attainable than you realize.

At least, I'm starting to believe that.

Unless you're a jerk

who only talks about themselves and doesn't bother to listen in a conversation, rather waits for a pause to regale everyone with your various deeds. If you're one of those people, well, then...I'm sorry. You're missing out on some great stuff.

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