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The Dislocation

I like to play basketball. I like to play hard. And apparently, I like to get injured. I've had stitches in my forehead from a another man's teeth ramming into my head. Also, had to have a tetanus shot because "teeth are dirty." I've sprained ankles, sprained knees, sprained my shoulder capsule, collected several deep thigh bruises. Back in High School, I partially detached my retina and broke the growth plate in my ankle.

A few years back, I obliterated the ACL in my left knee while playing. This wasn't a partial tear. It was full-on destruction. My excellent orthopedic doctor took a chunk of my hamstring and fashioned a new ACL. I was back on the court in a year. A year from that, I finally started playing back to my old self.

The latest entry: I was preventing an entry pass into the paint. Pop! My thumb decided to dislocated from its proper place. Now, the pic in the slideshow is the aftermath of the resetting. If you're curious as to what it looked like before, feel free to click the arrow. Don't be scared. It just looks weird. But it hurt like a son of a gun.

Needless to say, typing on the keyboard is somewhat of a challenge. My wife and mother-in-law think I should stop playing basketball, to which I laugh and laugh and laugh.

See you on the court!

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