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It's All Research

I had this myth built up in my head that if I was going to research a story, it involved me sitting in front of the computer scouring information about my topic. Maybe some trips to the library would be in the cards. And while it's sometimes that, research also involves a lot of sitting and staring into space. (My view below) It involves thinking about the story and working it out in my head.

I'm working on a story now. Nothing written yet with the exception of notes and loose outlines. I'm doing this while I attend graduate school, write the 2nd Adam Parker story, work my day-job and a few other things so as you can imagine I've got loads of time on my hands. (I need that plot to Multiplicity right about now.)

The story is set aboard a train in the Spring of 1944 and involves a lot of noir, adventure elements. Well, I hope it does. And even though I know my players, I don't know some of the plot points or action beats. This is where the sitting and staring into space phase of the research process kicks in.

I used to think it was me stalling or wasting time. But now, I know. It's all research. In fact, this blog post is actually me stalling before getting to work on Adam Parker.

So, if you'll excuse me...

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