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I was going to be an actor. Then I opted for director, but soon I realized I liked writing better. I just related to the concept of writing much more. I fell in love with dialogue. The way people spoke or didn't speak (a concept lost on many writers) always fascinated me. Still does.

Through all of it, one thing remained constant. Doubt.

Doubt in my abilities. Doubt in my writing. Doubt in my decision making. Doubt in everything.

I still battle it. I doubt a lot of what I do in my writing and probably in my life. It's an ongoing battle that I'm sure is not one I fight alone. The only thing worse than doubt is regret.

So my focus is simple. Just do the work. Find a goal and work for it. Once it's done. Find another goal and work for that. Put in the work. Don't take shortcuts. Ask for help. Do the work. Do the work.

Do the f***ing work.

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