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We're Not Lost

Chapter Nineteen from the upcoming Adam Parker book series

There I am. Staring at my computer screen. Trying to figure out how to go back into my story and "fix it", but was there really anything wrong? Who knows? I wasn't stuck, but I was in contemplation mode. Thinking and thinking about what to do when in reality I was doing nothing at all, which was far worse. So I said, "Screw it" and kept writing. Anything I need to fix, I'll do it in the rewrite. Plot holes? I'll deal with it in the rewrite.

I'm not calling this writer's block. I don't really get writer's block. It's just me getting in my own head. For me, this is a regular occurrence. I know others have similar issues with their writing.

We all are our worst enemies. We doubt ourselves. We talk ourselves out of the right things to do. We stop writing because we feel lost. But we're not lost. We're figuring it out. Writing is how we do that.

Keep writing.

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