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Antsy to Create

I'm antsy because I'm not creating content. I'm writing (not enough), which quells it slightly. But I'm doing no content creating and that's annoying me. I'm even entertaining the idea of doing a fake trailer for "Sous Chef", the Tina Fey-American Express commercial joke that she pitches as a TV show. That's how bad the drought is. I'm resorting to these tactics.

My daughter with heart-glasses

And now my children are getting into the act. My 10-year-old (seen to the left) told me on Sunday: "I want to be in a YouTube show." So clearly I'm creating a legacy of content creation or maybe it's all the YouTube videos she watches. Yes, the younger they are, the more they care less about where to find their content. They want it now. They want it on any device.

And I need to start creating it.

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