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Confidence is Underrated

Friends, family and self-help gurus will extoll the virtues of having confidence, but you can't make someone have it. You can't teach it. You can't learn it. You can't develop it as a skill.

UFO floating with I Want to Believe below

It starts with belief. Belief in your choices, in your abilities, in your talents, in yourself and who you are, what you love, what your passionate about.

Only then can your confidence grow.

Then what happens? You share everything that makes you believe in yourself and someone responds in a way that's not what you expected. They make a joke. They criticize. They're not impressed. They simply just don't support you.

And all that confidence you built up comes crashing down with ease.

If you've already figured it all out already, I know. This doesn't happen to you. You shrug of any direct or indirect attack at your confidence. You've found success. For everyone else, it's a struggle. It's hard. I fight it every day. Keep on keeping on.

Even though confidence is so fragile, once you master it, it hardens like a rock and nothing will break it or so I'm told.

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