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#MovieNight - Raiders Recollections

In my last blog, I briefly made mention of my first time seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was actually after watching the 2nd movie, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I remember watching it in the living room with my parents. I remember loving everything about it.

When it ended, my father told me there was another one. Something called 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'. What is this?! I needed to see it. We, of course, didn't watch it until a few days later. This is back in the days of video rental stores. Patience was a virtue, but I had none of it.

I've since watched the movie more times than I can count. It never gets old. It never bores me.

I asked two colleagues of mine to share their remembrances of seeing 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' for the first time.

"I remember watching Raiders of the Lost Ark it on TV with my brothers. My heart raced as the large boulder chased Indy. I remember laughing when he shot the swordsman. This guy was bad ass with a whip and that sly smile! There were also some scary parts that scared me as young child, like the face melting. I think that’s why the movie is so memorable. There are scenes and images that stay with you and stand the test of time as this is what movie making is meant to be." - Trish Clark, producer

Indiana Jones being chased by a boulder

"I'm not old enough to have been able to see Raiders in the Lost Ark in theaters. So the first time was a bootleg VHS version on a tiny Panasonic tv set (with built-in VCR); the opening with the now iconic Paramount/mountain scene was even cut off. It was at my Aunt's house, she introduced my sister I to Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and, of course, Indiana Jones. Her love for the movie (and Harrison Ford) was contagious. And I loved every single minute of it too. At five years old I might not have understood every subtlety but the action was most important than. After it was over I may have ran around the house pretending I was beating Nazis and being chased by giant boulders. " - Pat Whalen, producer

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