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Keep Fresh

Why do I keep creating content? Why do I continue to write with no hope of having it be read? Why do I shoot short films with no chance they could be seen? Why do I write books with limited options to getting published?

Mike on set of shoot

​Why am I asking myself questions? That's just lazy writing.

The idealistic answer to those questions is for the sake of creating art. The simple act of creating something out of imagination is what fuels me and I would think, many others out there.

To be creative is to be.

While that's certainly a part of it, the practical answer to why I keep creating. Because it keeps me fresh. Creating keeps me learning. It forces me to find ways to make the edit work. To make the shot work with the limited budget I have. If I'm not creating content or telling stories in some way, then my skills set will go stale.

Adam Parker book 2 cover

And avoiding getting stale is the goal, just as much as satisfying that creative desire.

But, let's be honest. The real reason I keep creating content is because if didn't, I'd be depressed and angry all the time. Telling stories is what I love to do. I can't not (double negative) do it. Screenplays, short films, web series, books...all of it, is to fill this need inside of me to tell a story and be creative. I have to be creative, otherwise I'll walk the earth in a spiral of depression and anger.

I couldn't live a life like that.

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