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Parker is Back!

Adam Parker is back! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, maybe check out purchasing the wildly inexpensive first book: Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout

I know that doesn't help with this blog post right now so...

Adam Parker was a kid detective in the small town of Hilldale many years ago, a regular Encyclopedia Brown, but then Adam grew up and didn't want to play detective, even though he was very good at it. He left his best friend, Kevin and his secret crush, Becky, and ventured into the world on his own.

He returned in the first Adam Parker adventure a broken man, but after investigating a small-town burglary and uncovering a plot to blow up a local hotel, Parker was back solving crimes.

Now, this second book takes place four months after the events of Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout and finds someone from Adam's past looking to ruin his life and the lives of everyone that Adam cares about.

If interested in learning more, please feel free to click on the books to purchase them. And if you do read the books, drop a review on Amazon. Thanks!

Adam Parker Book Two cover
Adam Parker Book One cover

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