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Me Update

I've been busy doing and creating and stuff. So here's a list of things, if you're so inclined, to check out.

Adam Parker Mystery Series

​I released the second book in the Adam Parker saga (Adam Parker and the High School Bully) and this time it's personal. (My apologies to Jaws: The Revenge, but that movie should apologize to me!) Everyone's lovable self-hating amateur detective returns to find someone from his past is out to ruin his life before ultimately ending it.

If you're thinking, what's an Adam Parker? Then I'd suggest checking out the first book (Adam Parker and the Radioactive Scout) where we meet Adam, Kevin, Becky, Chief Kenney and many more. This first story finds Adam returning to his hometown of HIlldale a broken man and in need of emotional saving.

Both books are available as ebooks and paperbacks at (But you know this already!!!)


Andrew Morgan (@jokesondrew) has a podcast which highlights Netflix Original Movies called The NOMCAST. I've known Andrew for over 20 years. (That's a guesstimate) We did a little unknown gem of a movie called Save the Forest together with a few other friends. Andrew and a carousel of guests breakdown one of the many original films that Netflix offers. I was on the inaugural episode where we talked about The Ballad of Buster Scruggs and I was asked back to discuss the testosterone-charged Triple Frontier.

Check out the episodes, but also check out the podcast. It's quite the listen.

More to Come

I'm never one to talk about projects before they actually exist. Call it superstition, bad karma, counting your chickens before they hatch, good 'ol fashioned paranoia, but since if I don't talk about it, it may seem like I'm doing nothing...

Noppera-bō: Creepy, ghost story I'm trying to get started with a few talented people in the area. This would be a short film, probably 7-10 mins, and somewhat of a new experience for me working within the genre of horror.

Super Chief: My last script is one I find hard to explain, because I suck at log-lines. But here it goes:

"In the Spring of 1944, A Nazi sleeper cell takes over the Super Chief Railroad, hijacking a shipment of uranium to give Germany the atomic bomb. A disgraced Army Lieutenant and MGM’s new star, Frank Sinatra are America’s only hope."

May 19, 1999: This is a play about a group of people waiting in line to watch the advanced show at 12:01am on May 19, 1999 (Oh my God! The Title!) of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. This one is close to some personal thoughts and feelings as the lead character is based on friend that passed away over 15 years ago. (Of course, I'm starting to think of this as a feature film, so who knows.)

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