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85,600 words

Yeah, yeah. Big deal, Mike. Well, it's a big deal to me!

I just wrapped up my anthology book, "Welcome to Brookville", which contains four separate stories that take place in the fictional town of Brookville, Connecticut. This is a town that a lot of strange things happen. Hey, I like world building. Sue me.

This is the longest piece of work I've ever written. Both Adam Parker books hovered around 60K when all said and done. And screenplays don't even come close.

Something else that's new to me. It's a YA book. A case can be made that the Parker books are YA, but I never felt that. I had a very hard time describing the genres and style of the Parker books. They're part mystery, part cozy-mystery, part YA, part...Lord knows what. That's probably why I self-published them.

I never thought I'd finish "Welcome to Brookville". I had been talking about writing the short anthology for a long time, but I only had two solid stories to start - The Brookville Arms and The Corn Maze. The other two, Paradoxed and The Jar, were not on my radar in terms of including them in the anthology.

I'll introduce all the stories in future posts. I'm just celebrating 85K words before the editors - whoever they may be - tear it apart. (Which I welcome, of course)


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