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All Things Weird: The Jar of Pandora

I spent the pandemic and quarantine writing and writing. Paradoxed came out of that. And my, hopefully upcoming novel - Katie Kennedy - was written during that time as well. Now, a new story emerges and this one takes place in the same town of the previous two stories mentioned.

All Things Weird: The Jar of Pandora book cover

All Things Weird: The Jar of Pandora is a young adult story about Duncan Carver and Amanda Copeland and their introduction to the truth behind Brookville. They join forces with All Things Weird shop-owner Grady Olsen to stop an evil figure from unleashing the demons held within the Pandora's Jar. (It was never a box)

You can purchase thew paperback or Kindle e-book here: BUY NOW!

Soon, it'll be available through Smashwords and I'll update the blog when that happens. If you read the book and like it, please drop a review on Amazon. The more reviews on Amazon and the algorithm is activated, thus making the book seen by more people in their searches.

Here are some links to my other stories, available on Amazon as well.

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