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Calls to Action

In my day job, calls to action are often discussed. Any kind of communication to a client or potential client requires a call to action. "Click to learn more!" "Schedule an Appointment!" "Sign Me Up!"

That sort of stuff.

In writing, your characters are always faced with calls to action. They could be as overt as a villain calling out a superhero. They can be internal, as an inner voice pushing a lead character to ask out the person of their dreams. They can even be another action, like a group of teens beating up another kid and our hero steps in.

Calls to action are everywhere. Even in real life.

I'm assuming we all look at ourselves as the main character in our own life. If you don't, then maybe there's another issue at play here, but you are. You're the protagonist in your own story that is your life. And when those calls to action come, how easily do you ignore them?

Over the last two years, I've been trying to less and less ignore those calls.

  • Instead of hesitating, I'm accepting.

  • Instead of ignoring, I'm speaking up.

  • Instead of saying no, I'm saying yes.

When you start doing that, something else happens. You being to notice the silent calls to action. Those moments in your life, when someone may need your help, but they don't tell you.

  • A co-worker struggles with an assignment, and you simply say "How can I help?

  • A family member seems down, and you extend a hand of concern and distraction.

  • A chance to lead is presented and you accept it.

I'm aware this seems very over-confident. The idea that you're the one who needs to lead the way and help all these people who really didn't ask for it. In some instances, that's exactly what's needed. Not so much that you're the one that needs to lead, but rather you're the one that needs to show others that it's possible.

In this life, just being there and speaking up can help others answer their own call. All I'm suggesting is to be aware of calls to action in your life and maybe answer a few. You never know where it'll take you.


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