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"Cool. Thanks for Watching."

Me. Thinking about this article. Clearly.

It's that time of year. The 'Best Of' lists from every single publication that follow arts and entertainment and some that don't will lay out their top films of the year for you. This is something me and my friends did way back when we were ignorant twenty-somethings who thought we knew everything about movies. (We never did) I stopped doing the lists, because they were just opinions and creating a 'Best Of' list made me feel like I was passing definitive judgement on a subjective body of work. It didn't sit right with me. When someone asks me what the best movie of the year is, I'll tell them about my favorite movie of the year. And that's the beauty with cinema, there's multiple truths in everyone's opinion. You can like a movie, while someone can hate it. And you can both be right. I enjoyed The Irishman quite a bit and others do not. And that's completely fine.

Then there's Variety, a publication that is a huge part of the television and film industry, comes out with a 'Worst Of' list. I don't understand that decision. No. I do. It's about clicks. It's about views. It's about creating a negative dialogue so that more people will talk about Variety on social media. Post links to the article and either praise them or slam them. Either way, it doesn't matter. As long as you're talking about Variety. (I'm not linking out to the article, for that reason)

The list is dumb. You don't like a movie? Cool. You love a movie? Cool. I've made a movie and have had people come up to me and say. "You're movie was just okay, dude." And I know they thought they were hot stuff doing it.

And my response was. "Cool. Thanks for watching."


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