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Hey! I Directed Something.

It seems like every time I write a post, I have to comment on how long its been since my last post. But no! I won't do it this time. Wait, I already did. But I could go back and erase what I just wrote, then again that defeats the purpose of a stream of consciousness post.

Anyway...before we were all sent to our homes for an undetermined amount of time, I managed to do something I hadn't done since...2018? I think, if I'm counting Scenes from the Movies, that math works out. But if we're going back to an actual short movie...that's probably 2017 if we're counting the Life Ends @ 30 Prequel short. And we are.

I'm talking about directing. I haven't stepped behind the camera to direct anything in quite some time. I wouldn't say it was like riding a bike, but the usual fear and terror of making sure everything is perfect was replaced by...not fear? I'm going to attribute that to the production team. We just knew what we wanted to do. We were talking about it for quite some time. Perhaps experience, old age, been-there-done-that had something to do with it, too.

This won't be the last time you hear about this short. (And it wasn't the first, since I posted about it a month or so ago) I haven't settled on a title yet and we've got some ways to go before a finished product is ready for viewing. But we're getting there.

I just wanted to share some behind the scenes shots to prove I actually directed something. :)

The wonderful Terrence Riggins and me breaking down his character

Myself, Cinematographer Renato Ghio and Dan Mauro (our other excellent lead) checking out the monitor


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