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Meet Katie Kennedy

Front cover of book - Katie Kennedy - a woman looks off frame, nebula covers her head, outline of a city-scape is below

Not a re-cover. Not a re-design. A brand new story. A brand new book from me. My new book, Katie Kennedy, is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle version.

Katie Kennedy is definitely inspired by a lot of the stories I experienced while growing up in the 80s and 90s — in print, on the small screen and, of course, on the big screen. Those who know me personally, know my love of cinema. And yes, shocker, I wrote something that takes place in the 80s and is about something fantastical. On brand.

To be honest, I struggled with what to do with this book. I took on a multiple-month campaign sending query letters to potential literary and managers, in hopes of obtaining a publisher for the book. But, alas, that did not occur. (One day, Michael. One day.)

Katie Kennedy follows a week in the life of a young woman living in the mid-1980s, who develops extraordinary abilities after encountering a meteor. Soon she’s battling an evil corporation, misogyny in the workplace and trying to save her sister from a villain, a man made of gas.

Bonus! It takes place in everyone's favorite small town of Brookville, CT. Check out some other stories that take place in Brookville - Paradoxed, The Corn Maze, The Brookville Arms and The Jar of Pandora.


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