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I joked with a friend of mine about how I should've done horror all along as the response to Noppera-bō has been pretty cool. Renato, Alicia and myself are very excited about the official selections and awards that our little horror short has been collecting and we're going to do it again.

We have actively started pre-production on a new project called Ricky. I wouldn't categorize this script as a horror film, but I will say it's going to have some thriller/horror elements. We're going for something a bit different this time around and we're equally excited about getting to work on it.

Here's the information below. If you think you might be good for a part, I'll definitely accept audition videos. You don't have to get fancy, a simple iPhone/Android video works for me. (See the sides below) And don't let the character descriptions fool you, while some may seem simplistic and one note, I assure you, they are not. There are some things I'm not telling you.

If you're looking to help out in any way, shoot me an email. We're eyeing a production date sometime in late September/October - but don't hold me to that. We definitely want to avoid the holidays.

We're also actively looking for help with our locations, so if you're interested in donating some space inside or outside your home, let me know. I know it's a huge favor, but I promise, we're pretty cool. :)




Ricky has a crush on his co-worker, Beth, ever since she first started working at their house cleanup job. After making sure he got an invite to his coworkers’ monthly get-together, he takes a chance and asks her out. The next day, while working a job, he awaits Beth’s answer.


Ricky (24): Shy. Sheepish. Socially awkward when it comes to the opposite sex. He has a certain way of seeing the world and is somewhat stubborn when he’s greeted with information that contradicts what he wants or believes to be true.

Beth (25): Working a job she doesn’t necessarily like, It's a job, not a career. Constantly deals with men, on the job, seeking dates. It’s annoying, but she muddles through in hopes to make enough money to move on. She has her own set of friends, separate from her work friends. Strong. Capable. Tries to avoid confrontation, but not afraid of it.

Richard (74): Has lived a full life. Suffering from the early stages of dementia. Loves his wife, Liz, deeply. Wants her to help him end his life, because he can’t bear to be a burden on her as his dementia gets worse.

Liz (73): Loving wife. Dutiful. Taking care of her husband because she believes in the bonds of marriage. Can’t stand the thought of losing her husband and is determined to take care of him until the end. Caring. Concerned.

Interior Locations:


Seating Area - Large Table.

Home Setting (Same Location - Dressed differently)

Living Room 1 (Possible Kitchen) - Clean - Inviting

Living Room 2 (Possible Kitchen) - Hoarder House - Full of Junk

Front Door Entrance (Could be same as Home Location)

Exterior Locations: (Can be same location)


Front Door Entrance


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