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Running on Empty

Running on Empty movie poster

This week on the Forgotten Cinema Podcast, we covered a movie from 1988 - Running on Empty. While it doesn't feel that long ago, it is actually really long ago. Try...33 years! know what. I had seen this film probably somewhere in the 90s, since I was 13 when it was originally released and probably not really interested in a drama about a family running from the law because of something Mom and Dad did back in their protesting days.

The movie is great. I highly recommend it to those who have yet to see it. I also, of course, recommend the podcast as Mike and I discuss a lot about the script and the character interactions within the movie. People who have seen and love this film always talk about River Phoenix's performance and deservedly so, but the scene between Annie Pope, played by Christine Lahti, and her father, played by Steven Hill, is one of the strongest moments in the film. There is so much good stuff in that scene, both said and unsaid, it's an education in acting. Law & Order fans should seek it out and see D.A. Adam Schiff acting the heck out of a small role.

Check out Forgotten Cinema. And check out Running on Empty.


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