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I've been writing an anthology series. I believe I mentioned it before. For those who have read the last Adam Parker book, I introduce the town of Brookville. Real quick: Brookville is a town where a lot of weird stuff happens. So this anthology is called Welcome to Brookville and it'll have four stories that take place in the town. Coincidentally, be on the lookout for a podcast anthology series of the same name, because they'll be more stories coming soon set in this fictional town of Brookville.

I just finished my first draft of the third story called Paradoxed. It's a little bit of the 80s, time-travel and arcade games rolled into a story about a guy who is lost and then found. (I should save that for the pitch) I've had the idea for the story for some time and I was always writing notes and outlines about the characters and what would happen. And then I did what I always do. I just started writing without knowing where it would go.

There are so many ways people write. This is how I write and it works for me. I like discovering what's happening as I go. Sure, there are times, when I have to erase a page of the written word because the direction I've taken is not good. But overall, I enjoy having the characters make decisions without me having to mull it over for months ahead of time.

The most important part is that I'm writing. As any writer would attest, you can't actually write unless you sit your butt down at the computer and write. Then Rewrite. Then Repeat. There are so many different ways to write. Whatever works for you is the right way. Just do it.


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