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You're the Brand. Act Like It.

From the show "Now Renting" presented by Row8

I run into so many creatives in this storytelling world who talk about building their brand. They know how they want to brand themselves. They know the right choices to make in order to make their name known. But so many have the same hang-up. They don't want to be on camera. They hate the way they look. They hate the way they sound. They hate everything about having to put themselves front and center at the middle for their own branding.

And I understand. It was difficult for me, at first, to put myself out there. As soon as you show a piece of yourself on screen, there are people who are ready to pounce and criticize. But that's part of the process and honestly, that says more about them than it says anything about you.

It takes a special breed of person who covets the stage lights. That's what makes actors and actresses so special. They bare their souls for the world to see and they're faced with more criticism than praise. It's a tough racket. And yes, that's the world you're entering when you start putting your face as your brand. But it has to happen. No one is going to represent you better than you.

How many times do you watch an influencer or wanna-be influencer on social media and think you could do better? How foolish do you think some of these people are? Very, right? But are they? Or have they figured out their brand?

In this brave, not-so-new social world where reputation and brand are synonymous, it's imperative to force yourself out of your comfort zone and get in front of those cameras. If you keeping talking about building your brand and you're not putting yourself in front of the camera, then you're not really building your brand. You're just talking about it.

If you're curious about that show, check it out here: Now Renting presented by Row8


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