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Writing is Hard

That used to be an "A"

Like seriously. It's hard. You can't possibly think that every writer you've met or seen or heard talk about the process of writing has some kind of magical formula that makes writing easy. It's not. It's a constant struggle to fight against all the self-hate, self-doubt, self-everything. Honestly, a writer is their own worst enemy. If you ever meet a writer that says it's easy to writer, than I'll show you a terrible writer.

Shocking as this may sound, not every single writer is a great grammatical writer. That's why the Lord created editors. Writers are first and foremost, storytellers. Their focus is on getting the audience from point A to B to C to Z. And those travels between the points are laden with misspellings, bad uses of "than" and overall terrible sentence structure.

And that's okay. Again. Editors.

No matter the medium. Screenplays, novels, novellas, poems, "Best of" lists, instructional information on how to install a hard drive. It's all difficult.

But it's always worth it.

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