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The new MBA

The MFA is the new MBA.

This isn't new. I know this.

Here's some quick reading. (I'm aware these are somewhat old in age)

So this weekend, I was at a pretty awesome conference, Digital Jam, at Quinnipiac University. A lot of great information on the state of the social and digital world as of today and for the future. And this topic came up briefly. How creative minds are what's lacking in the business world. Creative people are the what drive innovation. Corporations are loaded with business minds and no creative ones.

Spongebob Squarepants riding a surfboard toy

And that's all true. And accurate. And hoorah for this idea.

But, I couldn't help but think to myself that this has always been the case. This has always been the truth. This isn't a new concept. This isn't a new business philosophy. This idea of creative minds being integral to the success of the business world has been forgotten. It's been taken fro granted by the very same people that now claim to be in dire need of it.

Maybe I'm being petty. What do I want? A mea culpa? Someone to say: "Listen. We screwed up. Come help us." More to the point, it's probably because I've tried to be creative in my day job. I've introduced ideas, but they're ignored or tried and left to fail. I've been part of a company that doesn't really want to do anything creative for fear of who knows. One person not liking it. One reason they can think of to be a negative. ("We'd have to print all that paper")

Creatives will change this world. They've done it before. They're doing it now. They'll do it again.

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