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Best Action Movie in Last 5 Years

For me, it's a toss-up between "Kingsman" and "Mad Max: Fury Road". Those two stand out. Although, I do like "John Wick" quite a bit. Sure, I can toss out "Edge of Tomorrow" or "Live. Die. Repeat.", but that's part sci-fi as well, so I'm hesitant to choose it. Plus, I like the top two choices more.

I also thought about "The Nice Guys" but that's not action. It's mystery and noir with action elements. I do like "Pacific Rim" as well and while it's dumped on constantly, the final 10 minute action scene in "The Lone Ranger" is pretty darn good.

Remember. We're going back to 2012 only. So what am I forgetting?


Harry from "Kingsman" with quote: "Manners Maketh Man"

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